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Who We Support

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Our Mission
To help business people reach their goals by providing them with cost-effective computer solutions.

Our History
A+ Computer Specialists, Inc. was incorporated on July 1, 1984 by Jim Renn and Bill Brueck. The mission of the company was to provide high quality, cost-effective microcomputer systems for computer users. In support of this effort, A+ has been concerned with all phases of system delivery and support, including analysis, product selection, programming, hardware sales, documentation, installation, training, and maintenance

In support of the goals of high quality and low cost of ownership, A+ determined that application and hardware products should be built as much as possible from interchangeable parts. Thus A+ software has been heavily into tool building and the creation of high quality standard program modules and applications, while A+ hardware has relied upon alignment with reliable sources for quality industry-standard equipment and parts.

While A+ remains supportive of customers who have legacy installations of older hardware or software, we have invested heavily in ongoing education to remain on the leading edge of technology as well. A+ personnel were busy exploring the Internet long before it was a household word, and we are now actively pursuing a number of future products. These include data/voice/video over computer networks as well as the private, secure and reliable networking of systems over the public, and sometimes not so reliable Internet.

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Our Market

A+ markets primarily to small businesses. While this market has only recently become a subject of national interest, A+ has always targeted this market. While the market takes longer to develop, the benefits that A+ discovered years ago have recently been documented:

This market is characterized by intense customer loyalty. A+ assigned its customer numbers sequentially; customer number 1 is still active!

This market is characterized by access to the decision-maker, thus shortening the sales cycle.

Some small customers will become large customers; need I say more?

Having many small customers results in a very stable source of ongoing account activity. We have not experienced a slow period for several years now.

Small businesses are inclined to provide referrals for new prospective customers. A+ continues to grow at a comfortable rate but, other than yellow pages advertising, has not marketed in a conventional sense since 1988. Small businesses look to their computer vendor to provide the whole range of services. A+ Computer is the MIS department for many small businesses. This characteristic of the market has benefits and drawbacks. The range of services expected of A+ makes narrow specialization impossible, thus making efficiency a challenge. But this also provides a broad array of market opportunities.

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